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June 28, 2017
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Clases de español por Skype
July 4, 2017

5 tips to learn Spanish during summer

learn spanish during summer with Spanish courses in Madrid

Learning languages abroad is an option that many people consider for their holiday time. Every year we have the opportunity to meet more students that come to our school to learn Spanish during summer. It is a wise decision, considering the boost in language acquisition speed that the student gets thanks to a complete linguistic immersion. Being 24 hours in contact with the language, inside and outside of the classroom, is the fastest and most efficient way to learn it.

However, if you want to learn Spanish in Madrid, in addition to choosing a Spanish course, you have to put a bit of effort, in order to make the most of your time while still being able to enjoy your holidays, join interesting activities, and, of course, relax from the stress of your working year. That is why we bring you some pieces of advice if you want to learn Spanish during summer and you don’t know how:

1. Organize your time.

If you are making a Spanish course in Madrid, you will find you have plenty of activities to do: visiting some of the most interesting museums in Madrid, trying world-famous tapas, visiting the countryside, discovering its nightlife… There will be time for everything, but you need to find time for studying, making it a priority. Start studying since the beginning of your holidays and book one or two daily hours for your studying routine. It is more effective to invest in small efforts than opting for “binge studying” when September comes.

2. Choose fun material

Maybe in your country of origin learning Spanish means reading boring texts on economics or listening to dull conversations, but not during your holidays! When you learn Spanish during summer you can choose the texts and videos you like the most to increase your comprehension in Spanish. Do you like quiz shows? Superhero comics? History magazines? Maybe reggeaton? Leave aside your prejudices about what learning is supposed to be, and enjoy learning!

3. Reward yourself

Set some daily and weekly goals (for example, finishing an episode of a novel in Spanish, making the exercises of one chapter in a grammar book, writing a page of your private thoughts in Spanish…) and reward yourself when you fulfill them (with that special hamburger you have heard of, going to the cinema, or taking your notebook the next day to study at the swimming pool). Not only will you find your studies more gratifying, but also you will still be learning, because everything you do to get by in Spanish is practice that some day will pay off.

4. Meet locals

Of course, one of the main benefits when you learn Spanish in Madrid is that you have the opportunity to meet locals and engage with them. You will soon find that madrileños are extremely nice and easygoing people, and they love talking to people whose level of Spanish is constantly increasing (they love to teach local expressions to foreigners). Moreover, with them, you will be able to get to know some special places you would not have discovered if it wasn’t for their company. Can you find a better way of putting your Spanish into use?

5. Enjoy studying Spanish during summer

Sometimes, when we learn Spanish during summer, we can get a bit obsessed with studying, but you should never forget that it’s your holiday time, and you have to enjoy it. However, if you came to Madrid to study Spanish, you shouldn’t worry too much about that. Here we know how to have fun, and it won’t be difficult at all for you to find ways to have a great time.

These are our tips to learn Spanish during summer in Madrid, but we are sure there are many other ways to do it. Tell us, what does work best when you study in summer?


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