How to choose your Spanish courses in Madrid

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How to choose your Spanish courses in Madrid

Spanish courses in Madrid with Tilde Madrid Spanish school

Spanish is a language spoken by 567 million people in the world, whether as a native, second or foreign language. Spanish is the second language in the world by number of native speakers (with more than 472 million speakers) and it is the second most important language of international communication. In addition to that, more than 21 million students study Spanish as a foreign language, and 130.000 of them take Spanish lessons in Spain.

Reasons to choose Madrid for your Spanish courses

If you want to become one of them, the first question you may ask yourself is where to study. For us, learning Spanish in Spain is the best way to approach the universal language of Cervantes. And to choose to take your Spanish courses in Madrid is an excellent opportunity to discover a modern city full of life with an immense cultural and artistic legacy that will fascinate you from the first moment.

Taking Spanish courses in Madrid will allow you to get to know a city full of history and culture, close to many beautiful villages and abundant in learning opportunities. Also known as the City of the Pictorial Art, Madrid preserves the traditions that date back to the times before it became the capital of Spain in 1561. While strolling through the streets and squares of this historical city, students will be able to get a glimpse of ancient Spanish culture and see why many of these traditions remain so important to the city today.

Madrileños love going out, they are open and they enjoy sharing their culture. Many madrileños come from different parts of the country, so Madrid not only has one way of being, but a thousand ways of thinking and feeling, and that is precisely the appeal of its personality.

How to choose your Spanish courses in Madrid

You will find many centers offering Spanish courses in Madrid, but we recommend you to make sure the chosen center is a school accredited by Instituto Cervantes. This certification guarantees that its didactic program, teaching staff and facilities fulfill a professional quality level. It is also advisable to choose a school located in the cultural center of Madrid. You will save a lot of time in commuting and, once you finish your Spanish lessons, you will be able to make the most of the streets and neighborhoods of the city center, with their life and historical monuments.

When choosing a Spanish program, it is important that the school offers you the opportunity to take a placement test before starting your course, so teachers will be able to adapt the contents of the Spanish courses to your level and needs.

The combination of grammar lessons and conversation lessons on different aspects of Spanish culture is ideal. And, if in addition to that, the school complements the classes in the classroom with activities in the city, you will enhance your learning and increase your knowledge of Spanish culture.

Spanish language schools usually offer different course options, but if you wish to study in groups and you want to experience a fast progress in a limited time, Spanish classes in large groups are not the best option. A maximum of 4 or 5 students per group will allow you to socialize with your classmates while giving you many more opportunities to put your skills into practice than you would have in a crowded classroom.

Finally, it is necessary that you demand from the teachers of your Spanish courses in Madrid a good preparation of the class, with clear objectives, different ways of working and continuous practice of the fundamental skills.

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