Why you should start studying Spanish this summer

Videolessons el imperativo tú
El imperativo (tú)
July 21, 2017
Clases de español al sol de Madrid. El español entra mejor sentados en una terraza al sol de Madrid)
Clases de español al sol de Madrid
July 24, 2017

Why you should start studying Spanish this summer

start studying spanish in madrid this summer

In today’s world, with our tight schedules and hectic lifestyles, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to find time to study a language. That is why every year more people take advantage of their summer vacations and choose Spain as a destination to learn Spanish while enjoying their holidays.

We find that taking Spanish courses in Madrid during summer is a wise decision for people who want to learn Spanish in a fast and fun way, making the most of their times. If you have never considered this option, let us give you some of the main reasons why you should start studying Spanish this summer:

It is faster than a normal course

In the summer time, you have more spare time to devote to your classes and homework. Instead of taking a couple of weekly hours of class, you can concentrate your studying schedule and make a more intensive use of your time. The more lessons you are able to take, the faster you will progress, and the better you will be able to interact with locals, which brings us to the next reason for studying Spanish this summer.

Spanish people will have more time to spend it with you

For anyone learning a language, it is vital to interact with native speakers of that language. Of course, the best way to do so is to go to the country where those speakers come from in order to achieve a complete cultural immersion. You may have been told that summer is not the best season to visit Madrid, for most Spanish people go on holidays during these months. However, we believe quite the contrary, as we find that summer is the best season to come to Madrid and meet locals.

We have two reasons to believe so. On the one hand, most of the people from Madrid only have 15-30 days of summer holidays, so they will spend most of their summer time in Madrid. On the other hand, many workers get shorter working days from June to September. As a result, there will be many Spaniards in Madrid, and they will most probably have more spare time to spend in different activities that you can join.

Studying Spanish this summer is a fun, complete and enriching way of spending your holidays

If you are an active person, the idea of spending your summer holidays getting tanned on the beach will most certainly sound completely unattractive. Choosing summer to learn Spanish in Madrid is a sure way of making the most of your time.

Not only will you be learning a language and using it in a native context, but also you will be spending time in a vibrant and dynamic city which offers a plethora of activities to practice and places to visit. In Madrid we have three of the most important museums in Europe, we have a rich and vigorous food culture, we have mountains and natural areas to go hiking, we have an energetic and lively nightlife, we have fancy swimming pools and theme parks, we can reach on public transport to historical cities such as Toledo, Aranjuez or Segovia… And yes, we can get tanned here also.

In short, studying Spanish this summer in Madrid will make you learn faster, meet amazing people and have lots of fun. Can you find a better way to spend your holidays?

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