September in Madrid. Much more than just Spanish classes!

En fin, al fin, por fin, al final (de) y finalmente Spanish expressions
En fin, al fin, por fin, al final (de) y finalmente
June 22, 2019
July 2, 2019

September in Madrid. Much more than just Spanish classes!

September in Madrid learn Spanish immersion course

September in Madrid is a wonderful month to pay a visit to this city. Sun is no longer so fierce and the temperatures are mild, but there is still plenty of daylight to enjoy the attractions and culture that this city offers. That is why TILDE MADRID Spanish school decided to choose September to organize a week of immersion course in Spanish. Almost 8 hours a day from Monday to Friday to socialize, listen, and speak in Spanish, to learn about the history and customs of Spain and, of course, to enjoy plenty of sunshine!


We have organized this Spanish program for you to learn Spanish in real situations. You won´t have to worry about anything, because all services are included: Spanish classes, cultural activities, entertainment in Spanish, breakfast, lunch, and, if you need it, accommodation. TILDE MADRID will certainly meet your expectations! If you are planning to spend part of September in Madrid, let us show you all the features you will get with this special course with total immersion in Spanish.


We start every session sharing breakfast time with all students, talking about the news and other current affairs. During breakfast, you will be able to exchange experiences with native teachers and classmates from all over the world. Spanish is the only language allowed during the debate, so you will be using Spanish from the beginning of the day.

Grammar classes

After the warm-up, we are ready to study! The classes have a maximum of four students per group, what guarantees a perfect balance between individual attention and group learning, thus enhancing your learning process. Our students are adult learners who want to make the most of their lessons. When you choose TILDE MADRID, you are avoiding crowded classrooms with few opportunities to practice. Moreover, you will be sure that your classmates are motivated and responsible students who came to Madrid to learn, just like you.

Thematic sessions

After the break, the thematic sessions in groups will introduce you in the Spanish culture. September in Madrid offers us a plethora of opportunities to learn Spanish through art, dance, gastronomy, games… and have loads of fun!


September in Madrid is also time to enjoy the Spanish cuisine! Lunchtime is a perfect opportunity to continue practicing Spanish in a real situation while you enjoy typical Spanish food and wine. An excellent chance to learn Spanish and RELAX!

Walks and visits

In the afternoon, you will be invited to join us in our trips and visits, which will widen your knowledge about the history and traditions of our country while you walk around and discover the historic neighborhoods of Madrid in our guided visits. Please, don´t miss them!

Accommodation in the town center

Optional. If you need it, we can help you find a well-located and fairly-priced accommodation next to the school, in the center of Madrid, very close to the main attractions of the city.


In short, studying Spanish during September in Madrid will make you learn faster, meet amazing people and have lots of fun. Can you find a better way to spend your summer holidays?

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