How to get ready for your DELE official exam

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September 21, 2017
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How to get ready for your DELE official exam

dele exam preparation how to get ready for your dele official exam

If you have been learning Spanish for a while, you already know how fun, rewarding, and useful it is. The Spanish language is the key to a huge and varied culture, it enhances your CV, and it keeps your mind trained. However, there are times when knowing Spanish is not enough, as some people and institutions (such as an employer, a university, or an official body) may ask you to prove your level of Spanish, and you may be asked to provide your DELE certificate.

Getting your DELE certificate (which is the most popular, authoritative, and widely accepted Spanish language certificate) can be challenging. It is designed to measure the Spanish skills of non-Spanish speakers by testing their writing, reading, listening, and speaking abilities. You may already have a high level of those skills, but if you haven’t checked how the DELE exam works, you risk failing it. That is why it is so important to start your DELE exam preparation in advance.

Once you have defined the reasons for taking the test (whether to apply to a university or for a job, as an immigration requirement, or just to find out your level of Spanish), and your goals (the level you want to reach and your ideal score), you are better prepared to focus your efforts. However, you may not know where to start, so we have brought you some basic tips to get ready for your DELE official exam.

Get used to the exam

When you take your DELE exam you are not just testing your Spanish level, you are also proving how good you are in taking the Spanish exam. Knowing Spanish is the basic requirement to pass your DELE exam, but this is not always enough, for you will be tested on very specific skills that you need to train in order to be fast and accurate enough to successfully finish your exam on time. Only when you know how the test will be will you be able to develop the best strategies for each section of the exam.

There are two ways of getting used to the format of the DELE exam and understanding its contents. You can either practice with mock tests and previous tests (which you can find online or in books specifically published for this purpose) until you get some ease, or you can get a DELE exam preparation course that will guide you and train you for success (which is the fastest and most effective way to reach your goals). Or you can combine both! In any case, it is essential to get used to the exam and get some speed and familiarity with it.

Get a studying routine

We have already given you some tips to learn Spanish, the most important of which is to establish a studying routine. We cannot stress the importance of this enough: without a studying routine, all your efforts will be scattered, aimless, and out of focus. If you find difficulties to stop procrastinating, check our ultimate solution to follow a studying routine.

Of course, don’t forget to divide you DELE exam preparation plan into sessions (spread out your study periods and do not cram all your efforts in the last moment), and take regular breaks to keep your mind fresh.

Define a studying environment

Finding the perfect place to study is as important as setting a studying routine. For your DELE exam preparation, it is important to find a quiet place to study, which you have to keep tidy, organized, comfortable, and with the right illumination, in order to make studying pleasant and help you concentrate.

It is also useful to have different study locations, so in case you feel unmotivated in one of them, you can move to another one. Moreover, when the environment changes, your brain is forced to recollect the same information in different places, which will make it see the material as more useful and worth keeping.

Beat your test anxiety

Many people get nervous before an exam. After weeks of DELE exam preparation, it is normal to get intimidated by the proximity of the date. However, the best way to face this challenge is to relax and be confident about your performance: you know how the exam will be and you have been preparing for it. Just be sure you have your pens and pencils ready, find a comfortable outfit and be on time in the examination room. Once inside, forget the other students and don’t judge yourself based on how much they seem to be writing. Take small pauses to relax if you need it, and focus just on your examination.

Don’t worry too much about the result

Once you have taken your exam, don’t think too much about the result. This is just one more step in your learning process, and whether you pass or not, you can be sure that you have improved your Spanish level.

Good luck!

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