“Urgencias” – A Spanish course for medical professionals (edited by TILDE MADRID Spanish School)

July 1, 2021
August 16, 2021

“Urgencias” – A Spanish course for medical professionals (edited by TILDE MADRID Spanish School)

"Urgencias" - A Spanish course for medical professionals

"Urgencias" - A Spanish course for medical professionals



If you need to improve your Spanish as a medical professional, you can buy our book ( also available in PDF) or request additional information about our classes online for medical professionals. For more information visit our website https://www.tildemadrid.com/courses/medical-spanish-classes.html or write to us at info@tildemadrid.com

Thanks to this course, you will learn all the medical Spanish vocabulary you will need, and you will be able to use with confidence the most practical medical Spanish phrases. Not only will you improve your general level of Spanish, but also you will acquire the communicative skills a health professional must have in Spanish.


This medical Spanish course is aimed at improving the general language level of the student through medical-related subjects. During the medical Spanish classes the student will learn the general vocabulary of the human body, medicines and drugs, symptoms, diagnoses, illnesses, prevention, and treatments. The most common situations a health professional may face will be simulated in the classroom, to prepare the student to real-life situations.
Throughout the lessons, the student will review the Spanish grammar, in order to allow him/her to acquire a strong and reliable language structure. Moreover, the most common structures and expressions in Spanish will be put to use, and at the end of the course the student will have a glossary of phrases that will be a continuous reference in the future.
Finally, in addition to the practical language training, the course teaches how the Spanish Public Health System works. This will give the student a general idea of the environment he will find if he/she decides to work in Spain.


-Making the students able to understand Spanish speakers and to express themselves clearly in situations that they will find in their workplace.
-Learning the medical Spanish vocabulary every health professional should know, and making a proficient use of the most useful medical Spanish phrases.
-Reviewing the most important grammatical structures and their functions, in order to communicate flawlessly in Spanish in a medical environment.


  1. Viktor says:

    Gracias por la infografía detallada! Ahora mismo me estoy mudando a España y esta información para mí, como médico, es muy útil.

    • The Spanish Forum says:

      ¡Hola, Viktor! Soy Pilar González, una de las autoras del libro “Urgencias” y también codirectora de la escuela TILDE MADRID. Muchas gracias por tu comentario. Si necesitas mejorar tu español en el contexto de la medicina, este material te ayudará mucho. Actualmente lo impartimos como clases individuales online y/o también puedes comprar el manual en versión PDF. Si estás interesado en cualquiera de las opciones, escríbenos a info@tildemadrid.com.
      Te deseo todo lo mejor para tu nueva vida en España:)

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