Spanish language and dance, a course for mind and body

Prepositions in Spanish and verbs of movement Spanish grammar exercise
Prepositions in Spanish and verbs of movement
May 22, 2018
calle de las hileras madrid learn spanish
Calle de las Hileras
July 2, 2018

Spanish language and dance, a course for mind and body

Spanish language and dance learn Spanish in Madrid and learn how to dance

It is well known that Spanish learning increases brain health, improves focus and re-invigorates the hearing system. It is also widespread that dancing is one of the best ways to keep fit, to activate your muscles without taking notice, and to feed the soul. Both disciplines are ways to express oneself, and they bring benefits to mind and body, so, why not combining Spanish language and dance?

Our Spanish school in Madrid has created a new course that combines two activities: Spanish classes in Madrid and dance lessons in Spanish. Thanks to this course, you will blend into the Spanish culture, you will develop your creativity and you will get fit. Three in one!

Let’s see how Spanish language and dance complement each other in this special Spanish and dance course, the aim of which is to inject the inspiration you need to open your mind and body to the knowledge of the Spanish language and culture.

Spanish language and dance, a perfect combination

  • Learn a new language and express yourself with a new soul“. We are not able to find a solution to the debate on whether we change our personalities when we speak a foreign language. However, we can assure that learning a language makes the brain more flexible and increases the ability to understand other cultures. Likewise, when we learn dance techniques our body gets more flexible and we discover a new way to express our emotions. Open up your understanding and emotions with Spanish language and dance!
  • Both Spanish learning and dance techniques require a high amount of effort. Thanks to your work, every day you learn something new, your mind and body respond better, and you acquire greater self-control. Your progress gives you a sense of satisfaction and self-improvement, which will keep you motivated.
  • In order to endure everyday life, people need a way out to disconnect from daily problems. The Spanish and dance course will help you unwind.
  • Spanish language and dance will open a new world, full of colors. A new language and different artistic and cultural forms will help you understand other people and see around you through new eyes. All human beings are shaped by the culture in which they live, so examining your behavior and comparing it with others will make you more tolerant and open-minded.

Doesn’t it sound great? If you want to dance and learn Spanish in Madrid, have a look at our Spanish and dance course. Every journey begins with one step, so why not making it a dance step?


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