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Medical Spanish phrases Spaniards use every day
December 14, 2017
How to stick to your Spanish learning New Year’s Resolution learn Spanish Spanish courses in Madrid
How to stick to your Spanish learning New Year’s Resolution
January 2, 2018

Reasons to love the Spanish language

reasons to love the Spanish language spanish courses learn Spanish

The end of the year is an exceptional occasion to reflect on our achievements, our current situation, and our future goals. 2017 has been an excellent and beautiful year for us, and we can only be grateful for all the great moments we have experienced and the gorgeous projects we have been working on in our Spanish school in Madrid.

Before the year ends, we would like to encourage some reflection on the Spanish language. All our students use to be motivated, but there are some times when the learning process becomes a bit hard, and one may lose sight of the reasons that motivated us to start learning a new language. If that is your case, or if you just want to celebrate the beauty and magnificence of the Spanish language, we would like to mention some reasons to love the Spanish language.

Spanish is part of a long tradition of languages

Spanish is a modern evolution of vernacular Latin. This means that the Spanish language is rooted in a centuries-long tradition which is one of the backbones of European history. Languages such as French, Portuguese, and Italian all come from the same ancestor, which makes Spanish part of a huge and rich family.

Knowing Spanish helps us connect with the past and with other languages related to ours. The Spanish language is a tool that widens our breadth of vision.

Every day there are more people speaking Spanish

Spanish is the second most spoken language in the world, with more than 559 million people speaking it as a mother tongue. That means 6.7% of the world’s population. Current demographic trends suggest that the number of Spanish speakers will not cease to grow. To these numbers, we should add the people who learn Spanish worldwide, and who love the Spanish language.

Spanish is a widespread language, spoken in many different countries. This makes it a very rich and exuberant language, with a plethora of varieties and nuances from different parts of the globe that never ceases to surprise the speaker, but which is nevertheless homogeneous and perfectly understood by any Spanish speaker from any part of the world.

The Spanish language is the key to the Spanish culture

Spain is the fifth country in the export of audiovisual products, and the publishing industry in the Spanish language is vigorous and world-famous. The cultural products created in Spanish (whether it be books, TV shows, films, or videogames) have a place of their own in the international stage, to say nothing about the classical works written in Spanish which are now undisputed pillars of the history of literature.

The Spanish language is the gate that grants you direct access to the manifold and splendid cultural products created in Spanish.

Spanish is the most positive language

A recent study showed that Spanish speakers are more inclined to choose positive words than speakers of other languages. The researchers found that people speaking in Spanish use a higher proportion of positive vocabulary than speakers of the other nine languages in the study.

Speaking Spanish helps you keep a more positive and meaningful way of thinking, what leads to a happier life.

Spanish is a language of business

Spanish is the second most-spoken language in the workplace globally, and it is the first foreign language in the United Kingdom, Brazil, and the United States. Spanish multinational companies are an international reference in the construction and management of infrastructures, in telecommunications, in the electric sector, in logistics, and in high-speed trains, textile, and naval technology. Two of the biggest banks in the world are Spanish.

The Spanish language is used worldwide in business, and it is vital for the world’s economy.


These are only some of the reasons why we love the Spanish language. The Spanish language is our passion, and the passion of our students, who help us sustain our dream of making the Spanish language available to a higher number of people in our Spanish school in Madrid. What about you? Why do you love the Spanish language?






  1. Miguel de Cervantes says:

    Hmmm, As much as I love Spanish I feel uncomfortable when I see something over advertised. Perhaps it’s the focus on “positive” stated here.
    But is “Spanish” up for sale to need so much empathy about it. I thought people learn Spanish because they like it, they need to learn it for professional reasons, they know Spanish speaking people and want to communicate with or they planed visiting Spanish speaking countries. There may be also other reasons. I still don’t see the need to make such a strong introduction. Perhaps I am missing a point but somehow I resent this “fast selling” behaviour, to me a disease of modern time that will make money out everything.
    I know it is somehow paradoxal when I bring money matter with something that seemingly gives us so much for free. But I also know how the apparences can hide ulterior motives. How each of our moves, behaviours and habits are monitored for marketing gain…
    I’m learning Spanish because I use to be quite good at it and now, years later decided to have another go at it, perhaps unfortunately without ulterior motive.

    • The Spanish Forum says:

      Dear Miguel, thank you for your comment. Of course, we agree with you, as we find that learning languages is pleasurable in itself, and we are so glad to find people like you who just love to learn Spanish, with no need for extra reasons. Our point in this post was to give those people who may be thinking about starting a Spanish course the small nudge they may need to do so. Maybe we are stating things that are obvious to many, and overenthusiastic to some, but we cannot be enthusiastic enough when it comes to the Spanish language, which we truly love.

      ¡Mucho ánimo con tu aprendizaje!

  2. Paul Sawayer says:

    I got up at 4 a.m. with a thought in my mind that somehow the Spanish language with it’s many beautiful idiomatic expressions expressions is like the colors of an artist’s palette! One of the lessons I have learned as I study Spanish is that one cannot try to make Direct interpretations linguistically. Rather the language is somewhat impressionistic and it is about grasping whole ideas rather than individual words from together. This is what makes the language so challenging in many ways. Even if one learns every conjugation that exists… there Still Remains The Challenge of thinking and expressing in imagery and expressing the best that you can using words. Somewhat like what occurs in this message with spell checker! Unintentional capitalization can sometimes be misleading. One of the beautiful parts of Spanish becomes evident when you watch the individual speakers facial expressions and hand gestures which accompany their words. It’s like watching a maestro conduct an orchestra. It is colorful and full of expression and life. A life yearning to be expressed and made visible through language and yearning to have another’s life reflected back. There was a time in human history where all we could do was point and grunt. Language makes life so much more complete. The Spanish language takes that completeness and fills it with color and joy!

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