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How to stick to your Spanish learning New Year’s Resolution
January 2, 2018
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February 15, 2018

Private Spanish lessons or in a group?

private Spanish lessons or in a group

A question many of our students ask us before starting their Spanish courses in Madrid is: which course will be better for me? A Spanish course in group or private Spanish lessons? The contents of the course in those two modalities are almost the same, but the way of teaching and organizing the lessons differs greatly. If you find it hard to find whether you would benefit more from private Spanish lessons or in a group, keep reading, as we will explain you the main benefits from both, so you can decide better.

Benefits of private Spanish lessons

Private Spanish lessons are one-to-one. The student is alone with the teacher, and the teacher focuses all his/her attention on this student.

This modality is good for you… This modality is NOT good for you…
  •  If you find the learning pace of groups either to fast or to slow for you.
  • If you have one specific learning objective in mind that needs special attention.
  • If you need a flexible course that fits your busy or changing schedule.
  •  If you are learning Spanish to meet new people.
  • If you want to measure your progress by comparing it with the progress of your fellow students.
  • If you find better motivation when you work in a group.

Benefits of Spanish courses in a group

In this kind of Spanish courses, the teacher gives his/her lessons to a group of students. Some cheap schools overcrowd the classroom with tens of students, which is detrimental to their progress. However, if you find a good Spanish school in Madrid that offers group learning in small groups (up to 4 students maximum), this modality can be the best option for you.

This modality is good for you… This modality is NOT good for you…
  •  If you are more motivated towards learning when you work in a group.
  • If you are looking for an economic and fun way of learning.
  • If you have the time to follow a learning routine.
  •  If you have specific learning needs, or if you normally find it hard to keep the pace of other students.
  • If your schedule is so busy or changing that you cannot attend a regular class.
  • If you prefer to have all the attention of your teacher.

Private Spanish lessons or in a group?

With this information in mind, you will find it easier to decide for private Spanish lessons or in a group. If you still have doubts, ask our Spanish school in Madrid and we will be happy to give you advice!


  1. May says:

    Someone’s granddaughter’s Spanish mother-in-law is coming to say. She has asked me to write a note in Spanish. Please can someone tell me whether this would be acceptable:
    Querida Lysia:
    Bienvenida a Inglaterra y a nuestra casa aquí en Leicester. Nos complace que haya podido accompañar a la familia. Esperamos que usted disfrute su visita.
    Un afectuoso saludo,
    Do you use ‘usted’ with ‘querida’? Is ‘un afectuouso saludo’ too informal?
    Thanks if someone can help,

    • The Spanish Forum says:

      Hi, May, thanks for your comment.

      Yes, in Spanish you can show respect and affection at the same time, so feel free to combine “usted” with “querida”, and to send “un afectuoso saludo” (which is a perfect example on how to be both tender and polite). However, there are differences in the use of “usted” depending on the Spanish dialect you are using. In Spain, for example, nowadays we use “usted” very scarcely, only for certain kinds of people.

      If you need more specific pieces of advice, take a look at our online Spanish courses, and we will be glad to help.

      Best regards!

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