Useful expressions with “por” (with English translation)

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December 20, 2016
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Useful expressions with “por” (with English translation)

Useful expressions with "por" in Spanish with English translation

You can find below a table with useful expressions in Spanish that use the preposition “por”. All of them come with translation in English, and they are used everyday. Add them to your vocabulary and you will sound like a Spaniard!


¡Por Dios! Oh, my God! (For God’s sake!)
¡por fin! at last!
por lo menos at least
2 veces por semana 2 times per week
por casualidad by chance
por completo completely
por escrito in writing
por una parte on the one hand
por otra parte on the other hand
por supuesto of course
por lo visto apparently
por mí as far as I am concerned
por malo que sea… however bad it is…
por desgracia… unfortunatetly
10 euros por barba 10 euros per head
me echaron por el desvío they led me up the garden path
por eso….. for this reason….
aprobó el examen por los pelos he only just passed the exam
por lo que he oido judging by what I’ve heard
¿por qué lloras? Why are you crying?
Note: por qué (2 words) is “why” but porque (1 word) is because
por si acaso just in case
por lo tanto therefore
por mucho que me ofrecieras, no lo haría I wouldn’t do it, however much you offered
perdón por llegar tarde, me quedé dormido sorry for arriving late, I overslept
por favor please

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